• About Zaremba Group

    Zaremba Group is a single source of real estate solutions; a fully-integrated national real estate organization.

    Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, we oversee and monitor the development, construction and asset management aspects of our national diversified development program.

    Each Zaremba development receives a dedicated “project team” chosen from our real estate professionals, experienced personnel, and technical staff.

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  • Construction Management

    Zaremba construction managers and engineers manage quality and final cost, while senior project managers utilize the latest technology to schedule and monitor each project.

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  • Program Development

    Zaremba Group provides build-to-suit retail development programs for retailers across the country. Each project is assigned a dedicated team tailored to the retailer’s specific needs.

    We have developed over 725 commercial projects and have an additional 150+ in the development pipeline.

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  • Shopping Center Development

    Zaremba Group has been developing, leasing, and managing shopping centers across the United States for over 65 years. With over 75 shopping center developments totaling more than 15 million square feet of retail space across the country, we continue to grow our portfolio by developing new centers on major arterial roadways within growth markets.

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  • Property Management

    Whether your objective is maximum revenue production, maximum utilization, or preservation of value, a Zaremba asset management team will achieve your goals. Through constant attention to detail and continuous reassessment, we eliminate the day-to-day concerns and responsibilities of real estate ownership.

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