About Zaremba Group

Zaremba Group is a single source of real estate solutions; a fully-integrated national real estate organization.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, we oversee and monitor the development, construction and asset management aspects of our national diversified development program.

Each Zaremba development receives a dedicated “project team” chosen from our real estate professionals, experienced personnel and technical staff.

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  • Market Research and Strategic Planning
  • Asset Evaluation & Value Maximization Analysis
  • Site & Market Packaging
  • Site Selection & Acquisition
  • Site Planning; Preliminary Feasibility Engineering; CAD Plans
  • Due Diligence Investigation; Design Coordination; All Government Permitting & Entitlements
  • Leasing/Parcel Sales
  • Title Review and Closing Coordination
  • General Contracting and Construction Management

Company History

Zaremba Group evolved from a home remodeling business to a full service national, commercial and residential development company. Since 1920, when the Zaremba name first appeared on a home remodeling sign in Cleveland, Ohio, three generations of Zarembas have earned a national reputation in all aspects of real estate development, construction and management. Although Zaremba Group has grown over the years, a strong family tradition continues to provide stability and direction to the company with CEO Walter Zaremba, oldest member of the third Zaremba generation, leading the firm.

 Following World War II, the unprecedented demand for new housing created by returning veterans and their families presented Zaremba with its first opportunity for substantial growth. Quick action when presented with other opportunities in the residential market created an expansion into multi-family housing, both conventional and subsidized rentals as well as luxury condominiums in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Beginning in the early 1950’s, Zaremba became active in retail development; first in northern Ohio, then extending over time to the mid-Atlantic, south Florida, Pacific Northwest and ultimately, nationwide. The company’s success in shopping center development led to providing destination retailers with a new generation of super-stores. This continues to be a major Zaremba specialty today, with 4 million square feet of retail space planned or in development.

Zaremba has also become a strategic development partner to national retailers, being earmarked by a number of high-profile national retailers as the “Preferred Developer” to apply a full service real estate delivery system to generate high-quality store locations at attractive occupancy costs.

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